A chronological order of videoed talks:

October 2019: Miko Peled – Journey of an Israeli in Palestine
August 2019: Clive Menzies – How Money Rules
July 2019: Mark Devlin and Nick Kollerstom – Moon Landing Debate
March 2019: Peter Gregson – Union Suspension
February 2019: Mark Devlin and Nick Kollerstom – Fake Paul McCartney
December 2018: Vanessa Beeley – The White Helmets & the billionaires funding Regime Change
2018: Nick Kollerstom – Was the Westminster Bridge Shooting a staged State event?
June 2018: Dr Lucy Morgan Edwards on Professor Bailey’s WTC7 lecture
February 2017: Ole Dammegard – Murder of Olaf Palme
January 2017: Pippa King – State of Surveillance