Events pre 2015

Tuesday 6 June 2013 – From Sandy Hook to the Boston bombings – is the US on the Brink of Civil War?

Speaker: Nick Kollerstrom

Tuesday 7th May 2013 – Preview of new 9/11 play by Peter Neathey

This play, ‘World Trade Center 7 Seconds’, has been written with a view to taking the 9/11 issue to the general public. The idea is to try it out at our Keep Talking meeting, and to gain audience reactions to it. Afterwards, Peter intends to seek a venue for presenting it in a theatre to coincide with the twelfth anniversary of the event in September this year.

The play takes the form of a press conference, and members of the audience will be invited to take the parts of various key journalists and 9/11 truth deniers. This provides a framework, in which various video clips are shown. We wish to make a prompt start at 19:00 to allow the whole play to be presented, and allow time for a 15 minute interval and time afterwards for audience reactions.

Tuesday August 16th 2011 – The Norwegian terrorist attacks

Since these attacks, various people have been delving into what is not
being reported by the mainstream media, and the purpose of this meeting
will be to try to bring these various strands together in order to try
to understand what is going on.

June 2011 – Tracy Blevins