Events 2019

Thursday 7th November 2019 – On bringing democracy to parliament

Talk by Kevin Boyle
Doors open 7pm for refreshments, talk starts at 7.30pm.

The present deadlock in parliament over Brexit has brought many to realise that parliament is not representative of the people, but of vested interests. Participants of the truth movement have realised for years that certain topics are taboo, and that there seems to be a protectionist elite. Kevin tried to introduce an idea of a local jury system by trying to register a ‘Heresey Party’, but the Electoral Commission wouldn’t have it. Kevin will describe his ideas on this, with reference to the ideas of Professor Alexseyevich when addressing FSB (KGB) students, pointing out that elected governments decide nothing that matters.

Kevin has been an active participant in the 9/11 Truth movement for many years, and is a physics teacher and committed Christian. His talk should be useful in stimulating new ideas.


Thursday 3rd October 2019 – Journey of an Israeli in Palestine

Talk by Miko Peled
Doors open 7pm for refreshments, talk starts at 7.30pm.

Miko Peled is a writer and activist born and raised in Jerusalem. Driven by a personal family tragedy to explore Palestine, its people and their narrative, he has written a book about his journey called “The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine.”

The book covers the work in which Peled’s family has been involved since his grandparents immigrated to Palestine in the early 20th century, describing their work and their life in detail. Peled’s maternal grandfather, Avraham Katznelson was a signer on the Israeli Declaration of Independence; his father Matti Peled was a General in the Israeli army; in the 1970’s his father pioneered an Israeli Palestinian dialogue and eventually met with Yasser Arafat in an effort to convene him to recognize the State of Israel and adopt the Two State Solution. In 1997 Miko’s sister Nurit lost her daughter Smadar in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem and that was what finally drove Miko to embark on the journey to discover Palestine.

He will talk about justice, freedom and the right of return – the keys to peace in Palestine/Israel, and he will bring some copies of his book for purchase.

Thursday 1st August 2019 – How Money Rules

Talk by Clive Menzies
Doors open 7pm for refreshments, talk starts at 7.30pm.

“Critical Thinking’s analysis reveals three fundamental flaws which underpin today’s dysfunctional political economy: institutional hierarchy, theft of the commons and usury. Money power comes from usury and controls the levers of power: corporations, governments, NGOs, the military-intelligence media-academic complex (MIMAC) etc. ie. all the hierarchical institutions which shape our reality and perceptions. Decentralisation of the control of money is key to decentralised power to recover control of our lives and our future prosperity.”

The presentation will cover some of the ground contained in this paper published in 2017:

Thursday 4th July 2019 – Debate on the Moon Landings

Talk by Marcus Allen & Nick Kollerstrom
At: To Be Advised

Fifty years after the United States first sent a man to the moon – or did not, according to your view – we present a debate on the subject. A recent survey showed that more than half of the British people are sceptical.

The case that ‘America did not go to the Moon’ will be put by Marcus Allen; a well-known public figure and riveting lecturer, he has been the British distributor of Nexus magazine for a couple of decades. He is surely Britain’s best-known moon-visit denier!

The case for the United States having really send men to the Moon and come back, will be presented by Nick Kollerstrom. He’s been a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society for about thirty years.

At the end there will be a vote.

A couple of years ago the Mirror published a survey showing that half of Britons did not believe that America had been to the Moon. That may be a little high, but some years earlier The Telegraph did a poll showing around 25% scepticism. Disbelief in the whole Apollo project is going, as it recedes ever further back into the past.

Thursday April 4th 2019 – A German Brexit?

Speaker:     John Petley

 John’s talk will begin by considering the evidence for the so-called ‘Chequers’ plan (which formed the basis of Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement), being essentially a German product, with Chancellor Angela Merkel heavily influencing its content. He will consider why such a bad deal could have been pushed so hard by the Prime Minister when better Brexit alternatives were available. He will also assess the corroborative evidence for it being a deal deliberately designed to prevent a proper Brexit.

John Petley is a latecomer to politics, only becoming involved in his 40s after reading a leaflet about the European Union. He worked for two years as a researcher at the European Parliament in Brussels and later served as editor of The Freedom Association’s in-house magazine Freedom Today for three years. He then worked as Operations Manager for the Campaign for an Independent Britain, speaking at over 20 rallies and debates during the referendum campaign. He is also the author of a book entitled Top 10 Reasons to leave the EU. He is married, lives in East Sussex, an Evangelical Christian who is a keen musician, gardener, railway enthusiast and guinea pig owner.

Thursday 7th February 2019 – The McCartney Deception

Speaker:  Mark Devlin discusses with Nick Kollerstrom
Time: 7:00 – 10:00 pm (coffee etc 7:00 – 7:30; talks etc 7:30 +)

One of the music industry’s most popular ‘conspiracy theories’ maintains that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by an impostor who has been playing the public role ever since.

Preposterous as this may at first sound, there is actually multiple forensic evidence to show that, whatever the circumstances, there has been more than one ‘Paul McCartney’ presented to the public these past few decades. NK and Mark Devlin, who have both written books covering the subject, will examine the evidence for a switch, and consider the circumstances in which this could have been achieved.

This debate over the ‘urban legend’ of Paul McCartney in the Beatles having been replaced, has been uploaded and has received nearly twenty thousand hits in a few weeks.

Mark D on McCarney:

Thursday 10th January 2019 – World War 1 : The Lies They Still Hold True

Speaker:  Gerry Docherty
Time:           7:00 – 10:00 pm (coffee etc 7:00 – 7:30; talks etc 7:30 +)

Gerry Docherty is co-author, with Jim Mcgregor, of the book ‘Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War’, and has previously given a great talk to our group. This time he will talk about the core lies and deceptions which underpinned starting the war, and how they deliberately prolonged it. He will bring along another book, also co-authored with Jim Mcgregor, titled ‘Prolonging the Agony’ for sale, signed etc at an author’s price of £15.00

Links:  Gerry has a brilliant interview with James Corbett about WW1: (3 parts)  and a further interview at: