Professor Bailey’s WTC7 lecture

KeepTalking talk, 5th June 2018, London

On 20 February, Professor Colin Bailey gave an inaugural lecture as Principal of Queen Mary University, London, under the title ‘The Behaviour of Buildings During a Fire – Why the World Trade Centre 7 Collapsed’. In his Linedin profile he states: “I have also been an expert involved in explaining the collapse of the World Trade Centre 7 Building in 2001”.

Some of our Keep Talking people were present at that lecture, as well as some other like-minded people. Essentially, Professor Bailey reiterated the NIST report on Building 7, and seemed unaware of subsequent work, including Professor Hulsey’s recent research. I subsequently asked the university for Professor Bailey’s Powerpoint slides, and was told that they were not being made available, and that Professor Hulsey had requested that the session should not be recorded. He also declined an invitation to debate the topic with us. Several people challenged the professor in the Q&A session, and one of them, Lucy Morgan Edwards, was later described as “the star of the show”. It transpired that Lucy had taken a recording of the session. I passed that on to retired structural engineer Dave Barnby, who is now transcribing it. He also made detailed notes of the lecture.

Dr. Lucy Morgan Edwards is author of ‘The Afghan Solution; the inside story of Abdul Haq, the CIA and how Western hubris lost Afghanistan.’ She spent several years in Afghanistan; initially during the Taliban regime when she ran community based projects for the UN in Kandahar and Herat.

Following 9/11 she remained in Afghanistan until late 2005, working as an election monitor, a researcher on transitional justice for the International Crisis Group, a correspondent for the Economist and Political Advisor to the EU Ambassador (focussed on security sector reform, civil-military relations and narcotics). She was then ‘Country Expert’ to the EU Chief Election Observer on the 2005 Parliamentary elections. She has written academic papers on issues including the comprehensive approach, the post 9/11 Afghan intervention and state-building process. She has lectured at Chatham House, RUSI, Kings College Dept. of War Studies, the Carr Centre at Harvard, the Saltzman Institute at Columbia University, the New America Foundation and recently in Kabul, to USIP and the American University, among others.

(The source of video made available to us the Bailey talk wishes to remain anonymous.)