911 – was America nuked? Heinz Pommer

Heinz Pommer, who has previously spoken on the nuclear physics of 9/11 – though this time his talk will be less technical.

Heinz writes: Again and again solutions have been presented to the public in an effort to explain the strange events which destroyed the World Trade Centre on 9/11. Hitherto all presented models and various explanations were unsatisfactory, factually flawed or simply fictitious. Nothing seemed to fit.

Today we will present not only a physical model of the observed phenomena (before and after the destruction of the WTC complex). For the first time a hypothetical design of a nuclear device will be presented, which would account for all the observed phenomena, side effects and riddles, starting up to 1 hour before the main event.  Both presented models (the destruction process & the device) are easy to understand, simple and convincing. Although we have to go a bit into physics, the topic will be presented with a clear line of argument and facts, backed by video documentation and clear evidence.

Photographs from https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/12/30/breathtaking-solving-nuclear-9-11-the-pommer-report/

Heinz Pommer’s 9/11 web pages: http://911history.de/aaannxyz_ch01_en.html