Gilad Aztmon – Covid19 and Israel’s reaction

On 6 April 2021, ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon gave a talk via Zoom to Keep Talking. He has intimate knowledge of Israel, having been born into a native Palestinian Jewish family. He moved to London when he turned against Zionism. His original area of study had been mathematics, before pursuing a career as a Jazz musician.

Israel had gone farther than any other country in mass vaccination and the introduction of vaccination passports. He queried how the ‘British variant’ of COVID-19 could have reached Israel, when international travel had virtually come to a stop. Then, in a series of statistical analyses he shows how the occurrence of the ‘British variant’ increases in the countries where mass vaccinations have taken place. That suggests that the spread of the ‘British variant’ is associated with the vaccinations rather than with the spread of a virus.

During the Question and Answer session the question arose of just how it could be possible for the public to be so accepting. One person talked of the ‘hijacking’ of various organisations and movements. Gilad answered in some detail with his observations of how the Left had largely abandoned its original values and was now more interested in woke issues, and was now even supporting the Right on the issue of COVID.