Clive Menzies

Keep Talking Group on 1st August 2019, London
Talk by Clive Menzies – How Money Rules

Critical Thinking’s analysis reveals three fundamental flaws which underpin today’s dysfunctional political economy: institutional hierarchy, theft of the commons and usury. 

Money power comes from usury and controls the levers of power: corporations, governments, NGOs, the military-intelligence media-academic complex (MIMAC) etc. ie. all the hierarchical institutions which shape our reality and perceptions. Decentralisation of the control of money is key to decentralised power to recover control of our lives and our future prosperity.

This presentation by Clive Menzies will cover some of the ground contained in this paper published in 2017:

References mentioned in the presentation and subsequent discussion are listed here:

Video of the talk at the August 2019 Keep Talking: